Dr. Judith Snyder Kastenberg, MD

Judith Snyder Kastenberg, MD


Dr. Snyder Kastenberg is a board-certified adult psychiatrist who sees patients for mood and anxiety problems. She provides consultations and psychotherapy to patients across the life span, from college students to older adults.

Dr. Snyder Kastenberg addresses the human and emotional side of illnesses and the toll illness takes on the patient. Her practice focuses on helping patients cope with medical illnesses such as cancer, chronic pain, neurologic problems, and the special challenges facing women during pregnancy and the post-partum interval. She helps people regain control of their bodies, their medical care, and their emotional life—work that is at once holistic and specific.

Navigating our complex medical system requires partnership and communication with all of your doctors. As a physician, Dr. Snyder Kastenberg can understand your medical situation and will help explain complicated medical information from your doctor and health care providers. She works with you and your treatment team to ensure that you understand your medical situation and treatment options.

As part of your care, Dr. Snyder Kastenberg also provides medication evaluations; she has a special interest in managing those patients who have tried medications before without success or who have had too many side effects.

A graduate of Princeton University and Tufts Medical School, Dr. Snyder Kastenberg completed her adult psychiatry residency and consultation liaison psychiatry fellowship at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.  Consultation liaison psychiatry is the field of psychiatric care focused on caring for medically ill patients.  Dr. Snyder Kastenberg is board-certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology in adult psychiatry.

Dr. Snyder Kastenberg teaches as an Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Pennsylvania Psychiatry Department. She works with the residents and medical students on patient assessments, psychotherapy, and professionalism. She is a member of the Penn Department of Psychiatry’s consultation-liaison division, whose doctors care for patients with complex medical problems. In the past she has worked at the Curtis Institute of Music treating students and consulting with staff.

She is a fellow of the American Psychiatric Association, and a member of the Association for Medicine and Psychiatry and of the Academy of Consultation Liaison Psychiatry.

Dr. Snyder Kastenberg sees patients in Center City at Rittenhouse Psychiatry.

You can reach Dr. Snyder Kastenberg directly at 215-545-2145.