Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make a First Appointment?
* Dr. Snyder Kastenberg is not taking new patients.

What happens at a First Appointment?
* Dr. Snyder Kastenberg is not taking new patients.
Dr. Snyder Kastenberg meets with patients for 90 minutes at a first appointment.This allows unrushed time for you to tell your story in your own words and for Dr. Snyder Kastenberg to ask you any additional questions, take a thorough medical and psychiatric history, summarize your concerns, and discuss the pros and cons of treatment options that are appropriate to your situation. more

Sometimes after a first appointment, you and your doctor may decide to gather more information, such as laboratory values, opinions from other doctors and therapists and counselors on your treatment team, or meet again to talk more before implementing a treatment plan. In other situations you and Dr. Snyder Kastenberg may feel there is enough information to start a treatment plan that may include using medications, talk therapy, or other non-medication regimens.


What kind of Follow-up care do you provide?
* Dr. Snyder Kastenberg is not taking new patients.
In regular psychotherapy and counseling, people often come in for 45 minute long appointments as often as the patient and doctor arrange together. more

Some people come back in for 25-minute appointments for medication monitoring as often as both patient and doctor decide are necessary, usually several times a year.

How often someone comes in depends on many factors such as how the person is feeling, how new for that person is the treatment regimen we are using, and whether or not the person is also seeing a non-physician psychotherapist.

Dr. Snyder Kastenberg works closely with a patient’s full treatment team: their primary care physicians, their psychotherapists, any other physicians and specialists they use, such as gynecologists, neurologists, oncologists, nurse practitioners, physical therapists, and so on. By working with their whole treatment team, a patient gets complete, well informed care, and gets back to feeling like themselves more quickly.

Patients can always call directly with any questions or concerns.


What problems do you treat?

  • depression – low mood
  • anxiety – panic attacks, social anxiety, PTSD
  • bipolar disorder and mood swings
  • Pre-menstrual mood problems


  • post-partum depression and anxiety
  • post-partum adjustments in relationships
  • new parenting concerns
  • work/life balance
  • coping with medical illness
  • phase of life challenges
  • situational conflicts
  • work challenges
  • aging challenges
  • less
Can I use my insurance?
* Dr. Snyder Kastenberg is not taking new patients.
Dr. Snyder Kastenberg works out of network with insurance plans. This arrangement allows patients total privacy in their care. Patients pay for their care at the time of treatment with cash, check, or credit card. more

For patients who wish to submit for reimbursement, Dr. Snyder Kastenberg can give patients a statement that includes the information they need to send to their insurance company. She is always available to answer any questions about negotiating the insurance system.


Where can I park?
There is both on street and garage parking nearby. go to DIRECTIONS page
Are you near public transportation?
Yes. Both SEPTA and PATCO have routes convenient to our building. go to DIRECTIONS page